Bounce Houses, Waterslides, Concessions, & More... -
Do's and Don'ts
Please follow these simple rules:
1. Bounce House must be anchored PRIOR to use.
2. Never jump or play on a partially inflated unit.
3. DO NOT allow riders to play or climb on inside or outside walls or roof of unit.
4. Always follow number of riders listed on contract. Maximum number in Bounce House is 4-10 depending on unit size and weight of children.
5. Riders MUST remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry or any other sharp objects before entering.
6. DO NOT plug and unplug motor repeatedly as it will cause damages to the blower.
7. NEVER spray the Bounce House with a water hose.
8. IN CASE OF RAIN or HIGH WIND– REMOVE riders and UNPLUG motor and extension cord from wall outlet. Cover blower with ground tarp to protect from rain.
10. DO NOT allow riders to hang on or pull netting or columns.
11. DO NOT allow flips, horseplay, wrestling or rough housing on Bounce House or Water Slide.
12. No Silly String, Food or Gum.
13. No Pets in or around the units, their claws will damage the unit and you the customer may be liable for damages.
 Parents Relax and watch the kids have lots of fun
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